Hand Building Classes

Our introductory creative hand-building class is a great pre-requisite class for the one time pottery experience. If you have never created with clay, we highly recommend taking our hand building classes. With hand building, you can create various forms that can be functional, sculptural or both. A more laid back class, less intense than working on the pottery wheel. Click Here to explore our latest weekly class offerings.

Wheel Classes

Intro to the one time pottery wheel experience

Our intro to the wheel teaches the basic techniques of creating pottery on the wheel. Ideal for beginners. Check out our weekly wheel classes. Registration required. Click here to see our Weekly schedule.

10-week pottery wheel experience

Our 10-week pottery wheel classes is a beginner/intermediate level program incorporating basic hand building, pottery wheel and glazing techniques. The classes are offered once a week for 10-weeks. It includes open studio time during open studio hours. Click here to check out our schedule for the latest class offerings.