Pottery Classes

Intro to the one-time pottery wheel experience

Our intro to the wheel teaches the basic techniques of creating pottery on the wheel. Ideal for beginners. Check out our weekly wheel classes. Registration required. Click here to see more..

Intro to the one-time creative hand-building class

Our introductory creative hand-building class is a great pre-requisite class for the one time pottery experience. If you have never created with clay, we highly recommend taking our hand building classes. With hand building, you can create various forms that can be functional, sculptural or both. A more laid back class, less intense than working on the pottery wheel. Click Here to explore our latest weekly class offerings.

Private /Master Classes

Our Private/Master classes are hands on workshops that can be one-time or series of private intensive classes lasting 2 hours per session. Designed to focus on a particular area of study for people with no experience, some basic or advanced knowledge

Cost includes instruction, clay, equipment, tools, glaze, and the firing of one (1) piece /person.

Additional pieces can be fired for a $10 fee.

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12 Week Class Sessions

Beginner/Intermediate Class

Our 12-week pottery beginner/intermediate level program incorporates basic hand building, pottery wheel and glazing techniques. Students learn to make and add handles, make lids apply and highlight surface texture etc. The classes are offered once a week for 12-weeks. It includes FREE open studio time during open studio hours. Click here to check out our schedule for the latest class offerings. 

Intermediate /Advance Class

Our 12-week pottery intermediate /advance level program, challenges students to work larger and teaches surface design and surface finishing techniques, like carving, slip trailing and sgraffito. Advanced hand building and pottery wheel throwing methods are also introduced. Basic glaze chemistry, the use of oxides and other finishing techniques. All classes are offered once a week for 12-weeks. It includes open studio time during open studio hours.

Tools : Pottery tool kit is required and can be purchased for $17.00 at registration or on your first day of class.

Firing Fee : Class clay sold at $3.75 per pound and covers clay, glaze, a bisque and glaze firing cost.

One additional glaze firing will be 5 cents per cubic inch.

8 cents/cubic inch covers bisque and glaze firings when using clay purchased elsewhere.

Clays must be approved by BCi manager before firing.

Only class clay can be used during class times.

Note : Classes are subject to change or cancellation if they do not fill sufficiently.

Class make up policy after missed classes : There is one make up class available for the wheel throwing class at the end of the session for those who missed a class or more. Notifications of absence is necessary.

Note : Classes are subject to change or cancellation.

Click here to check out our schedule for the 12 Week Class Sessions.

Pre-requisites for joining the intermediate/advanced classes.

1/ Students must have taken at least one (1) - 2 hand building classes including , pinching, coiling, and slab building,

2/ Students should know basic Pottery and Ceramic vocabulary.

3/ students should have knowledge of clay preparation, like wedging, kneading and clay recycling.

4/ Students must have basic knowledge of working on the pottery wheel with some more than basic skills I in centering, opening and pulling.

5/ Students should have taken at least 2 full sessions or semesters of pottery, not one class here or there.

6/ Students should have basic glazing knowledge about glaze application.

This criteria must be met for joining the intermediate/advanced class.

If one’s not sure if they qualify, please send us an email or call our studio our studio before registering.